Amanda Smith has always been called to help and serve others. Having overcome immense personal challenges in her 37 years of life, she has continued to grow in her spirituality and has deepened the connection she has to the celestial realm. After serving in the United States Navy, she embarked on a mission to help a million people through improved health and wealth of mind. She has done this in a variety of capacities, but in each has used the tools and lessons she has learned through her own trials and tribulations to bring people out of the darkness and back into the light of a happy and fulfilling life. In 2010 and 2011, Amanda experienced the back-to-back loses of her father-in-law and her father, the first in a tragic car accident and the second when her father ended his own life. Having two small children at the time allowed Amanda to see that light can still shine strong, even in the darkest of times. In 2012, Amanda was able to prove to herself and to the world that the mind is a powerful force when she was able to overcome cancer and regain her life within 4 months of her diagnosis. In 2014, Amanda fully embraced her mission to help a million people by diving into metaphysics and earning a Masters Degree from UMS to better enable her to help others. She is now providing personal development coaching to help people create and manifest for themselves the kind of life, family, health and wealth status they are seeking. Her focus is on providing a safe environment where people can feel supported, encouraged and motivated as they gain the knowledge and understanding needed for their own unique journeys. Amanda is married to Nick Smith and they are raising their family in Vernal, Utah.


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