Barbara Beckley is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author and
Personal Development Coach with over 7 years of experience. She is the founder
and CEO of the Diamond Factor LLC brand, she helps empower people to
understand their Purpose, Passion and Drive, especially women to overcome
their challenges so they can shine like a diamond in their business and personal
life. Barbara motto “Because everyone has something special within them the
Diamond Factor equals your Purpose, Passion and Drive as your foundation to
encourage a person to move forward despite the trails and challenges in your
Knowing work and education were keys to success, she began working in
insurance at age fifteen. Upon graduating high school, she obtained associates
degrees in accounting and computerized business management, business
management, and health administrative management. Embracing the
Toastmasters vision 9 years ago on increasing her communication and leadership
skills, she worked her way up to becoming a program quality director, providing
educational opportunities for over 5500 Toastmaster’s members and beyond.
The list of services from Barbara’s career includes, webinars training concerning
personal development that include some of the following seminars; Finding your
Purpose, Understanding the Leadership in YOU, Challenges in life is a Stepping
Stones to Strength.
Other services include, Promotion Interview to assist promoting business and
special causes for clients, Promo interview coaching and keynote speaker to
impact audiences to move forward in their gifts and purpose beyond the storms
in life.

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