Helene Wilson Believes in Healing Through Art

When you are facing cancer, there are times that you really need assurance, yet where do you turn?  For, Helene Wilson in July 2019, she turned to Mistie Layne.  Mistie is now the Vice President of Chemo Buddies for Life (CB4L), however, in July of 2019, Mistie had just learned about CB4L.

An Oncology Radiologist, Mistie works daily with those facing cancer.  When she met Tamara L. Hunter and they started comparing notes, they realized they both worked with a unique group of people.  Those in the fight for their lives.

Helene Wilson, “I can do this!”

Helene Wilson is one of them.  Already completing chemotherapy, Helene was facing 20 rounds of radiation.  This prospect was difficult in her mind and heart.  In her writings taken from Facebook in July, she shared, “We need a road trip. Far out of town away from everything! Life is awesome but we need a road trip somewhere and anywhere. Ok, I will go down the road so I can go do radiation soon! Road trip on hold. Y ‘all have awesome day you here!”

On July 15, 2019, Helene started her first radiology treatment.  She kept a journal online through her Facebook page and she became a CB4L. She shares, “Say Cancer I have to tell you I am going to Fight like a Girl. You may want look away when I get through Radiation! I am going to Win this thing called Cancer. You are not going to Win! I am living because of God’s grace. And, I am Fighting because I want to live the life I receive when I was born! So, move over cancer I am winning this fight. All the way to laughing out loud and enjoying my life! Say cancer Just say goodbye. I am fighting like a girl!”

While, “Fighting like a Girl,” Helene started sharing with others about having a “Buddy.”  She became a “Buddy” to those she would meet everyday at the Radiology office.  On July 17, 2019, Tamara L. Hunter, Chemo Buddies for Life’s President and Co-founder had Helene on her Service Hero Show.  Helene shared via phone what her experience had been to date as a “Buddy” and even sang a song on the air.  This was a growth experience that allowed Helene to share with others that she is winning her fight.

Helene getting ready for graduation from radiation.

As Helene continued her rounds of radiation, she got involved within the Chemo Buddies for Life community.  She wrote, “For the past 7 months you all know I have been going through chemo and radiation. I am every Bless for my Family and Friends. Most of all I am Blessed to know of a page called Chemo Buddies 4Life! It has help me to get through my anxiety with radiation. They have been wonderful by having someone there to hear you as you go through chemo treatment and radiation treatment! I like knowing they are there to talk to you and help you through your treatment. If any one of you know anyone is going through chemo and radiation, there is someone who will listen to care even if you may feel alone as you go through this. Chemo Buddies 4Life!”

Continuing to write, Helene shared, “Now I have made it through two weeks and one day of radiation. Now I have four days and one week to go! And on that note, I am looking forward to get this done. So, I can live once again and know I did all I needed to do this. I want to thank my family! I want to thank Mistie and Tamara and Carol for walking with me as I take each step. I appreciate each one of you! Sincerely Helene.”

Once Helene rang her cowbell after her last day of radiation, she remained an active “Buddy.”  She started to write on her Facebook page to encourage others to also find their laughter daily and to fight for their lives.  In November 2019 she wrote, “Just fight for your life for it’s worth every day. It’s a joy to live your life you are living! You are worthy to do anything in your life and know you can do it. Yes, I am talking to you for life is so awesome to live! I know for I fight to live with all I believe in the word of prayers and Buddies. Like the Chemo Buddies 4Life that help me through my radiation days! I am alive for each one help me to see life is a joy. Thank you for being there for being there for yourself even if you’re not going through cancer. I appreciate you for being who you are awesome! You are worthy every day.”

Helene Wilson, “I believe in healing through art. My goal is to inspire other Chemo Buddies for Life.”

As Helene has journeyed with CB4L, she has involved herself with the “Healing Through Art” campaign.  She started to share her art with others, giving hope to many.  Helene has decided to share her creations with our full community to inspire others to find their joy too.  Please enjoy as much as we do here at CB4L.  Helene, you continue to inspire us daily!

During the recent 36 hours streaming live Give-A-Thon she was proud to be apart in many ways.  Through her comments, watching each of the segments and also through her donation.  We thank you, Helene Wilson for being a “Buddy” that is an active part of our community.  We are looking forward to a new year and sharing it with you and all of our “Chemo Buddies for Life.”

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  1. Helene Wilson

    December 23, 2019 at 3:35 am

    I love knowing Chemo Buddies 4life is there to reach others life. for they keep touching my life as I go through all I am still going through. I am Honor to know they are people who care’s for others! Cancer is hard to get through even when you hear the words you have Cancer. it pulls on you in many ways! I am Bless to know the chemo Buddies 4life are there for all of us. I appreciate each person who care’s who help one of us who is going through Cancer are Hearing you have Cancer! it can be hard to Hear. Thank you all for being there for each one of us who is going through Chemo are Radiation we do appreciate it more then my words can say. Sincerely Helene who is a survivor of Cancer! Thank you


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