Cheryl Angela “The Superpower Catalyst” and world renowned “Harpreneur” is a transformational coach, healer, and musician (harp and voice) who grew up between Nottingham, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her strong intuitive and healing abilities were apparent from early childhood and she has honed these gifts over her lifetime to use in the service of humanity.

Cheryl currently resides in San Diego, CA where she maintains a global practice working with powerful leaders, global change-makers, celebrities, Hollywood actors, major artists and musicians, innovators, impact entrepreneurs, , healers and philanthropists helping them to access and ignite their “super-powers” and their X-factor so they can be of highest contribution to the planet.

Cheryl is a certified Life and Business Coach, Flow and Performance Consultant and uses Wealth Dynamics in her global coaching practice. She has also worked as a consulting coach to clients of a number of leading edge global companies including the largest global network of entrepreneurs,  Entrepreneurs Institute for 4 years.

She began working with energy healing with people in her early teens with great results for those she was serving. Since then she has trained and certified in numerous healing modalities including Reiki, Theta DNA, High Frequency Energy Healing, Instant Miracle and Therapeutic Harp.

Cheryl is an award winning harpist, vocalist, composer and voice over actor. Her music is highly transformational and truly healing. She has a gift for spontaneous composition. People proclaim her music as “music from the Angels”. Cheryl has performed healing concerts across the USA, Canada and Europe. She has performed for the events of many global visionaries and for the past 9 years, she has been a regular transformational musician for the workshops of Deepak Chopra and Lisa Nichols and the worldwide movement Daybreaker. She has performed for the events of presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, and many celebrities, joining line ups that have included Earth, Wind and Fire, Emmanuel Kelly, Chris Martin of Cold Play, Snoop Dogg and Akon. She has released 3 of her own original albums, is featured in numerous collaborations of film, DVD and CDs including the multiple award winning film soundtrack, “The Omo Child”. Her soon to be released album “Musical Dynamics: Music of the 5 Elements” is a tool for harmonizing the 5 frequencies within.

Cheryl has been involved in humanitarian efforts her since her early teens. She works with and contributes to numerous non-profits across a range of social and planetary issues. She is especially dedicated to causes that impact children and youth and is passionate about eliminating human trafficking. She is a B1G1 Champion and received the Legacy Maker recognition for helping to empower 200 million impacts globally. She is a contributing author to
the #1 best-selling book, Legacy. She serves on the executive team of the non-profit, Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative and the International Youth Parliament that operates in 150 nations working to affect positive change across the global leadership landscape and bring solutions in the issues of hunger, poverty, education, health, human trafficking and well-being of children.

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