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Maryann Carrero

Maryann Carrero is a native Chicagoan, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago to Puerto Rican
and Mexican parents. Being raised in a large Latino family, her parents and 11 brothers and sisters who
all cared for each other, she knew early on she wanted to share that caring spirit with the world.
Having uneducated lower income parents, she recognized the value of being educated and was the 1 st to
go to college in her family. Financing her education herself she earned degrees in Accounting and an
Executive Masters of Business Administration at the Universities of Illinois, Chicago and Champaign-
Urbana, Illinois.
Maryann is mission-focused and passionate about understanding the needs of organizations and
improving the lives of the populations they serve. Maryann is highly effective in public-facing roles and
in rallying the community, elected public officials, employees, and resources, to exceed expectations on
what can be achieved.
She is on many community and professional leadership boards and has won numerous awards for her
fund raising and engaging others to volunteer for various social organizations.
She was instrumental in creating Special Services Area #24, an Economic Development zone in Chicago.
She was appointed commissioner by the Mayor of Chicago for the Special Service Area #24, creating a
strategic vision and having fiduciary responsibility for taxpayers funding of that economic zone.
She has worked in Finance with various Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations that
specialize in housing, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.
Having a brother who was homeless after being diagnosed with AIDS and a homeless niece who was a
substance user, she recognized how she can help those who are experiencing homelessness or coming
from a lower social economic class. She created and is Executive Director of the Four Walls Project, a
nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating homelessness. She has developed subsidized housing on
the South Side of Chicago, and St. Louis, Missouri, having a personal mission to help and empower
others to live in safe and secure housing while providing employment opportunities, and creating a
purpose and mission in other peoples lives.
She currently resides in Chicago and is an endurance athlete, age group medal winner in triathlon and
duathlon. She competes and volunteers in numerous athletic events, all raising money for charities.
In addition to her parents, 11 brothers and sisters she now has 82 nieces and nephews, whose names she
all knows.

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