Why Tamara L. Hunter is Dedicated to Build CB4L

Taken From Facebook Post November 30, 2019

Four years ago, today, my mother, Kaaren L. Swindle, gained her wings. I brought her home just ten days before.

My mom brought sunshine into any room she entered. She was the rare type of person whose glow uplifted others without her trying or knowing how rare her light was. She was such a giving and intelligent force in my life and the lives of so many others.

I remember the day she was called, as I stand in the very room, she left this earth in at my house. I myself was battling cancer at this time and while I was standing there, I wasn’t able to hold her hand to give her that much needed human touch we all need and deserve.

Just before my mom passed away, she told me something I will never forget and drives me daily… she said, “Tam, your life is about to change.” Little did I understand how true that was at that moment in time.

My life is now dedicated to see that no one has to be afraid in the night, feeling isolated and alone, crying out, like my mom. I could not do anything then for my own mother…


With the countless angels on this earth and along with hose looking down on us, together we are doing something BIG!!!

While we will never shine as bright as my mother did, we are sure going to do all it takes so nobody suffers through cancer alone like my mother did the last year of her life.

Will you help us? During our 36 hour #giveathon we have only 2 goals.

Kaaren L. Swindle with Wesley

To enroll buddies and raise life changing funds. Our goal is $50,000. I know we will be able to do that and so much more.

Learn more about Chemo Buddies 4Life by going to CB4L.org and while there please consider a donation.

If cash donations are not the best way for you to help please share our goals with your network or join us by volunteering.

Let’s do this for all the moms in the world touched by cancer!!!!

Please join us live:

The Chemo Buddies 4life 36 Hour Streaming Live #GiveAThon starting on Monday Dec 2nd at 12:00 pm PST – 3:00 pm EST and going straight through to Midnight of GivingTuesday December 3rd PST – 3 am EST.



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