Ruth V. Mellor is the “Teacher of the Mysteries”. She is a world renowned Oracle, Recognized International Healer, Proven by multiple Doctors, Biochemists, Therapists & Vets. She is an Animal Communicator, Psychic, Medium, Mentor, Energy Worker and Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner. Nationally Certified Resistance Free Horse Trainer and Instructor. Shaman and medicine woman who received the “Great Rites” with the Inca, Peru, Q’ero tribes and native American Kiowa. She has worked with and along side of Moari Medicine sages. And Myan traditions. 

Ruth was born with the gift to see & connect beyond. The ability to communicate with animals. She is a professional for over 20 years. 

She has developed techniques to help people move through conflict, trauma, PTSD, fear, disease, chronic and terminal ailments. All moving into Peace, Clarity, health, wealth, abundance, freedom, trust and love. 

Ruth is the representative for USA in an International Healing Team based in New Zealand, and her clients and teachings reach across the globe and even with the government. She has worked with a private international boarding school, building and teaching their top horse program. Students from 28 countries. 

She has been working with youth in her programs for 18 years.

She has worked with post rehab facilities for all ages and types. Women in crisis And enjoys helping our veterans. 

Ruth owns and runs Silver Dance Ranch in Utah. This ranch is dedicated sacred Native land to the elements, and exploration of the human-animal bond “Animal Shamanism”. 

Through Equine and animal therapy, animal communication, ancient ceremonies, fun & deep diving exercises and practical examples.

Ruth shifts your vibration, DNA, thoughts, and emotions of past, present, future. This affect you and your animals’ behaviors, and all you create. She helps you connect the body, mind, and soul to build satisfying partnerships with EVERYTHING!

Thus opening up a space in you, for you to begin to receive all that you desire. 

Her Daughter Lexi 10 yrs old, also has unique gifts and helps with the animals and healing retreats.

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