“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” – Dr Bruce Lipton

It has been a few weeks since I connected with anyone on social media.  Many don’t know that I was in the hospital right before Christmas.  I had a virus that attacked my spinal cord and my cranial nerve.  It caused me to have Bells Palsy and I literally couldn’t walk .  doctors thought I had a stroke.  While it was the most physically painful experience of my life, it gave me such an awareness of my truth.  My only thoughts were: “I am a Health and Wellness Counselor, NLP Master Practitioner, and Energy Medicine Practitioner.  I heal people for a living.  How could this be happening to me?” The fact is, I wasn’t living my truth.  I was taking care of everything and everyone yet not taking care of myself.  As painful as this experience was, I knew it happened for me to examine every area of my life that I was not living authentically.

The past two weeks I have done some major soul searching.  Thankfully because of the work that I do, I knew how to physically heal my body from the inside out.  I literally went in and changed the chemistry of my body when I changed the programs in my brain.  Bells Palsy normally takes months to heal.  I healed mine within a few days just by doing the work that I do.  Yet I still had excruciating pain in my back and suffered from neuropathy for a week after the bells palsy was healed.  The deeper I went into the thoughts around the pain, the more painful it became, and the more frustrated I became with my reality.  Then it all came together.  Because I was so absorbed with my outside world, I wasn’t listening to my inner voice. I became disconnected from my highest self.  Me being who I am, I researched everything I could about neuropathy.  I became aggressive with both my inner and outer healing.  After leaving the hospital, I went for adjustments, acupuncture, and massages as often as I could get out of bed to have all three.  I took turmeric, magnesium and B12 and did all that I know as a Health and Wellness Practitioner, yet nothing was working…until I stopped and looked within and found the root cause of the problem.  It was the old programs running in my brain.  I wasn’t allowing myself to see them because I was afraid of facing them, so much so that I allowed myself to be hospitalized.

It was in that moment I changed my perception and asked: “What is this teaching me?”  My body showed me the answer, actually it showed me all of the answers; many of them were not so easy to digest.  It showed me my truth and how I wasn’t living it.  This entire process from past couple of weeks forced me to face every shadow in my life that I wasn’t addressing.  As painful as this experience was, it changed my life and I can never go back.  Life teaches us, period.  We can either listen and learn or be forced to face our truth, either way life will continue to push us to our Highest Self.  You are more powerful then you will ever know.

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