Become A Buddy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you found out that you, family, a friends, or loved ones found out they have cancer? Most everyone has been affected by this disease in one way or another. After the initial shock you find that you just want to do something to help, make a difference, or take away some of the pain. 

Chemo Buddies 4Life is an opportunity to help a loved one or someone you may have never met through their cancer journey. You can be the difference in someone’s life to help them fight and to keep fighting. All it takes is your heart to help support someone through their journey. Encouraging words, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar to lean against, an ear to listen, and a heart to serve are different ways for you to be a support system. 

We all have a super power deep inside of us. If your super power includes wanting to help people, being part of someone’s support system, and wanting to make a difference in someone’s life then Chemo Buddies 4Life is what you have been seeking and we need you! 

Join us today in changing the way the world fights cancer!