Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Tamara L. Hunter, President/Founder

A survivor of cancer, Tamara Hunter, is determined to see that no one faces cancer alone. Tamara is the President and Co-founder of a nonprofit 501(c)3 called Chemo Buddies 4Life with a mission to end isolation during diagnosis, treatment, recovery and the “new normal” life after cancer. She has created “The Buddies Network” that believes in Healing through Connections.

Tamara and her teams are preparing for Chemo Buddies 4life 2nd Annual Give*A*Thon being held on December 3, 2019. The goal is to raise funds, educate, and bring awareness that the buddies are going global.

Tamara won the first “Next Impactor” competition on August 30, 2019 which is a global competition that looks for people who have impactful messages, missions, talents or professions to broadcast across the globe. Tamara’s passion and belief in her mission will take the $500K prize package from the competition and take Chemo Buddies 4Life out to the world one buddy at a time.

Last year, Tamara was invited to join, “The Speaker’s Coalition” as an Executive Training Director. The Coalition asked that she share and train others how to build movements and causes via nonprofits, for-profits with a cause, or for-profits that team with nonprofits thus creating marketing relationships.

Her passion is to help others understand that they, too, can make a difference.

The creator of the show/program Service Heroes, Tamara celebrates service through Facebook Lives. “365 Days of Awesome; Celebrate Success Through Service” highlights and honors a Service Heroes or service concept daily. Tamara is creating and bringing a service-driven movement that encourages us all to find our own Service Hero within.


Mistie Layne, Vice President

Mistie Layne is a SURVIVOR OF ADVERSITY!  Her best-selling book, What Goes Up, is an honest, raw account about how cocaine took her from medical school to prison behind killing somebody in a car wreck.  Domestic abuse and prison left her stripped of her identity and dignity, but she used writing to fight her way back and developed the four step COPE=HOPE method which provides hope, inspiration and steps on how to overcome your worst to start living your best.   Mistie is an award-winning speaker and founder of the #BethatONE Transparency Movement where she encourages others to step up and share their raw truth, experiences, wins and losses to educate others so we can JUDGE less and MENTOR more.  After prison, she rebuilt her career in Nuclear Medicine, and works closely with cancer patients by performing and monitoring PET CT scans.  Due to her passion for her profession, her empathy for others, and her learning the value of GIVING, she has made a commitment to become a catalyst in building Chemo Buddies for Life globally.  Mistie brings a unique medical perspective to CB4L because she has direct patient contact where she listens to their needs, sympathizes with their concerns, provides inspiration and hope through her own experiences, educates and informs them and directly connects them to CB4L.  She witnesses daily how the buddies network heals through connections clinically and is honored to serve as Vice-President on the Executive Board to continue growing the community.

Maryann Carrero, Treasurer

Maryann Carrero is a native Chicagoan, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago to Puerto Rican and Mexican parents. Being raised in a large Latino family, her parents and 11 brothers and sisters who all cared for each other, she knew early on she wanted to share that caring spirit with the world.
Having uneducated lower income parents, she recognized the value of being educated and was the 1st to go to college in her family. Financing her education herself she earned degrees in Accounting and an Executive Masters of Business Administration at the Universities of Illinois, Chicago and Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
Maryann is mission-focused and passionate about understanding the needs of organizations and improving the lives of the populations they serve. Maryann is highly effective in public-facing roles and in rallying the community, elected public officials, employees, and resources, to exceed expectations on what can be achieved.
She is on many community and professional leadership boards and has won numerous awards for her fund raising and engaging others to volunteer for various social organizations.
She was instrumental in creating Special Services Area #24, an Economic Development zone in Chicago. She was appointed commissioner by the Mayor of Chicago for the Special Service Area #24, creating a strategic vision and having fiduciary responsibility for taxpayers funding of that economic zone.
She has worked in Finance with various Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations that specialize in housing, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.
Having a brother who was homeless after being diagnosed with AIDS and a homeless niece who was a substance user, she recognized how she can help those who are experiencing homelessness or coming from a lower social economic class. She created and is Executive Director of the Four Walls Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating homelessness. She has developed subsidized housing on the South Side of Chicago, and St. Louis, Missouri, having a personal mission to help and empower others to live in safe and secure housing while providing employment opportunities, and creating a purpose and mission in other peoples lives.
She currently resides in Chicago and is an endurance athlete, age group medal winner in triathlon and duathlon. She competes and volunteers in numerous athletic events, all raising money for charities.
In addition to her parents, 11 brothers and sisters she now has 82 nieces and nephews, whose names she all knows.

Kent Glade, aka ‘Swampy’, Secretary

Kent Glade, aka ‘Swampy’ is an Eco Speaker and STEM environmental educator. He created ‘Swampy: The Living Wetland’ as a clean water, wetlands and climate care advocate for over 24 years. Kent draws upon varied experience as a: local government Urban Planner, a state regulator of the coal industry, a FEMA contractor in Hurricane Wilma and as an Environmental Department Manager and syfy film producer. Kent, formerly Gary Hahn, earned a BS in forestry from the University of Kentucky and a MPA from Kentucky State University. Kent shares unusual stories from childhood as an orphan to a survivor of an auto accident with a 41 ton rock truck! He explains action strategies in dealing with mental wellness and cancer via Healing Through Nature. His Twitter handle @PlanetSWAMPY

Vicky Omifolaji, International Growth

Vicky Omifolaji has dedicated her life to helping people by the hundreds, the thousands, Vicky achieved a double master’s degree in counselling and social work respectively and became a licensed/clinical accredited counsellor and psychotherapist, or more specifically a Clinical Adversity Specialist AND a Private Achievement Coach.

As a CLINICAL ADVERSITY AUTHORITY, she helps people overcome ANY issues causing stress, anxiety or holding them back; and as Private Achievement Coach she helps them accomplish FAR MORE in their career, business or life than they ever dreamed possible.

The unbelievable transformations she has made in people, from saving them from certain suicide, to helping them achieving true greatness is commendable…

Inspiring Powerful Leaders all over the world with her inspiring messages in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia and also in Nigeria, Manila in Philippines, United States and Canada, Vicky is the Absolute Authority in Attaining Success.

She is the Founder & Chief Trainer of ADVERSITY-TO-ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMY which teaches you to overcome your challenges; Conquer your fears; and Attain your goals and dreams, and she is also the Founder & Director of The GLOBAL ACHIEVERS Club – Inspiring and Leading a new generation with the tools, resources, methods and means to attain their greater potential. She is a founder and publisher of The Global Achievers Magazine, a number one in sharing stories of adversity to achievement of featured stars.

Vicky is an author of 11 amazing books with millions of her books being  sold on different platforms around the world.

Skip Thomas, Digital Platforms

Skip Thomas is an international, Emmy award-winning commercial television and film director and producer with over 35 years of experience. He is the founder and CEO of the 501c3 nonprofit Amplifying Truth. The mission of this nonprofit is to help people share the positive difference they are making in our communities, and in the world. Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft Foods, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Alltel, AT&T, KFC, TCBY, along with high-profile politicians (among them Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee), dozens leading healthcare organizations, national media networks industries from every field of business have turned to Skip Thomas to produce results. Whether developing a branding strategy, an integrated marketing campaign, producing a simple television commercial or creating an intense and compelling documentary or corporate film, the secret to Skip’s success in addition to his creative talent, is his intuition. He ‘knows’ how to connect the subject, the producer and the audience and can turn everyday information into a compelling creative journey which touches an “everyday” audience. He is able to change the way they and all of us look at the world. The list of services from Skip’s career includes providing audience research, strategic and creative planning and implementing branding campaigns that impact audiences on an emotional level inspire action.

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