The Tour of Love is the outreach program of CB4L. We are reaching out to the world with the message that you don’t have to go through cancer alone.

Initially we contained our “Tour” to a single Give-a-thon event streaming LIVE for 36-hours. In 2020, with our 3rd annual event, we moved beyond Facebook to include YouTube, e360tv platform and it’s affiliated channels, streaming live to millions of viewers throughout the world.

This 36-hours is a modern-day take on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and will feature LIVE musical acts, comedy spots, and other entertaining and educational programming. Each segment is related to one of our methods of healing… Healing Through Connections, Music, Arts, Comedy, Nature, Science, Awareness, Magic, and so much more!

Because of the impact and impetus built during the give-a-thon, we’ve decided to continue with our Tour Of Love throughout the year until our next Give-a-thon on Giving Tuesday (the first Tuesday after the US Thanksgiving).

It takes money to run the machine, whether it be for processing payments, supporting the buddies, or producing the shows to build awareness and connection.

We’re open to discussion about other ways that you or your business can sponsor CB4L. Don’t forget, we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so even sponsorships are considered charitable giving. (We’re not accountants, and laws are ever-evolving, so make sure to check with your CPA on this).

Text Tamara at (951) 501-9939 to schedule a time to discuss your options, or click DONATE NOW, and we’ll follow up with you.


Your sponsorship will allow us to connect more people through the Buddies Network so that fewer people have to go through cancer alone – whether they be the patient or the support person.

Specifically funds will be used to stablize our infrastructure platform that allows our buddies to connect via technology, providing supplies to the buddies for different programs – whether it be healing through art, through learning, through magic… or one of the other experiences we provide. It will also allow us to expand our reach globally through networks like E360tv and other online media. We’re working on a fancy-schmancy eBrochure to share.

Contact Us

Tamara L. Hunter | President & Co-Founder, CB4L.ORG | (951) 501-9939 | TLHUNTER@CB4L.ORG

All levels of sponsorship are considered charitable contributions and therefore tax-deductible.