It is the mission of Chemo Buddies for Life to ease the suffering of isolation experienced by those facing cancer. We believe in healing through connections within the buddies network. We believe that those facing cancer should have a buddy; the patient and those who love and support them. Our stand is it doesn’t matter what treatment you choose, be it traditional, alternative, adjunctive; our purpose is for them to not be alone! We have built a community that has the “social proof” that we are making a difference in the lives of many. We understand that to have another person by your side is the greatest gift in this life to face your diagnoses with a “buddy;” a friend, that will make all the difference in the outcome. For those who participate, it can make the difference of not only the quality of their lives; it can make the difference in the length of it.

What's Involved In Being A Buddy

There are two kinds of buddies — for the person going through cancer and the person who is a caregiver/support person for a person going through cancer.

Cancer Buddies – The idea is that when you’re in the depths of treatment and emotions and simply being someone who has cancer, as much as you know others love and support you, unless they’ve been where you are, or are where you are, they just cannot understand. So the buddies program matches those with cancer with someone who really does understand, because they too are going through it at the same time, or has been through it before; so that they have someone to talk to, to validate, to talk about fears, to share from that exact same place…

Support Buddies – So too, do those who are the caregivers for those going through treatment face different things than most people could understand. Just to have a sympathetic ear, or ideas to circumvent situations, or how to support yourself as well as those going through treatment. They get it, because they’re either in the situation or have been through it themselves.

Time Commitment: As much or as little as you are willing to give. Easily connected through our messenger app or our beta website, which is secure and a-synchronous, and designed to work around the NEED to speak to communicate.


Volunteer with CB4L

Chemo Buddies 4 Life has become quite the organization run by volunteers. We need all kinds of people with all kinds of skills. We’ve been organized into Teams, even if you don’t see something that is your particular skillset, and you want to be involved, don’t worry, we’ll find a place for you and we’ll teach you what you need to know! Check out our Volunteer Teams below.

The Education/Training Team is responsible for on-going training for the buddies – how to be a buddy, health & wellness, production, practical skills, and all kinds of inspiration that give the buddies a reason to look forward to the next day. On this team, we need anyone willing to share their expertise.

The Marketing & Branding Team is responsible for Production of Video, Print, Web, Social Media, & Public Relations. On this team we need marketers, digital marketers, SEO specialists, copy writers, editors, videographers, video editors, graphic artists/designers, social media gurus, specialists in each of the social media platforms, web designers, bloggers, editors, public relations assistants and experts.

The Legal & Accounting Team is responsible for reviewing contracts and materials as well as tracking funds received and spent. Each will monitor to ensure that we maintain our immaculate reputation and that those who need our services benefit from our efforts.

The Member Services Team is responsible for on-boarding and supporting all of our members, whether they be patients, volunteers, or donors/sponsors. They are responsible for recruitment and assignment of volunteers. They provide support through customer service, answering the 1-800 line, being available during Live Chats, and ensure an on-going communication with members as they manage the support programs of “Healing Through” Art, Music, Nature & Other.

The Events Team is responsible for coordinating all of our events, whether they be on- or off-line. A major event that we have annually is the 36-Hours of Giving Give-a-Thon on Giving Tuesday each year. (This is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the US). Preparations begin 3 months prior, and is always exciting! The theme for 2020 is Tamara’s Love Tour.

The Sales/Sponsors Team is responsible for Fund Raising for the organization. This would be akin to “outside sales” in the real world.

The Technology Systems Team is responsible for External Web Hosting, Hardware & Software, & Back-End Design & Support. There’s a bit of overlap with the Marketing & Branding Team which creates the WHAT to be posted, and the Technology Systems Team figures out HOW to get it posted.

How You Can Donate

  • There are almost 5000 new cases of cancer diagnosed every single day. Our mission is to ease the suffering caused by isolation. To do this, we need to cover some tangible costs, like servers, software, hardware, programming, all the stuff we don’t know how to do, but allows the engine of CB4L to run.

  • Every penny counts. Really. We welcome donations via paypal, Venmo, and even… You can simply click the button below. No amount is too small or too large.

  • CB4L is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and your gift counts as a Charitable Contribution*.

*We are not accountants and tax laws are ever-evolving, so you will want to check with your CPA about the paperwork involved here.

What it means to be a Sponsor

Sponsors: Angel Kraynak (Southern Angels Boutique), [myself], Heather Dye (Wigs for Every Woman), Ashley Ryckman (Ashley’s Chic Boutique, Inc.) Specialize in Hair Prosthetics (wigs), clothing and skin care for those impacted by Cancer.

It takes money to run the machine, whether it be for processing payments, supporting the buddies, or producing the shows to build awareness and connection. We have defined slots for sponsors during the 36-Hours of Giving “Love Tour” Give-a-Thon. We’re open to discussion about other ways that you or your business can sponsor Chemo Buddies 4 Life. Don’t forget, we’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so even sponsorships are considered charitable giving. (We’re not accountants, and laws are ever-evolving, so make sure to check with your CPA on this). 

Click below to connect with Tamara to discuss sponsorship options.


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